Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Really Blogger, really? And I Hate Everything...

7,954 hours later, I finally found out that I now need to link to my blog through Google Chrome and not Internet Explorer.  
Also, while it said it was 40 degrees out yesterday, it was not a balmy 40 degrees.  It was a windy, icy rain type of 40 degrees which I found out after I headed out for a walk with Lucy.  And once you are out with a walk with Lucy, you don't turn back unless you want your leg chewed off.
And, I oven-dyed some roving yesterday, which turned out very cool and I would show you pictures, but I didn't take any pictures because of--see above--I couldn't figure out how to post things any more and was going to give up this stupid attempt at blogging.
But the roving turned out really nice and wait until you see the colors--Rasberry, Lemon Drop and Island Blue. Let's just say you won't need your glasses on to see it, as my grandmother used to say.

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