Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dyeing Roving: The So-Not-A-Tutorial; Part 2

Alrighty then.  We've put the dye on the roving and now we need to put heat on it to set the dye.  Today I'm going to try steaming it in a pot on the stove. 
Take the plastic wrap and bring both sides up over the roving, scrunching the two sides to make a seam down the middle.  Then wrap that baby up just like a little burrito.
I looks a little gross at this point, but hang in all works out in the end.
I used a large roasting pan.  To keep the roving out of the water, I placed a small colendar in the bottom of the pan.  You could also use a steamer or even bend a wire clothes hanger to hold the roving.  I added just enough water to the pan to barely touch the bottom of the colander.
I placed the roving in the pan and covered the pot with a lid.
Then I brought the water to a slow boil and let the steam penetrate the roving.  I let it steam for about 30 minutes.  At the end of the 30 minutes,  I turned off the heat and let the roving cool to room temperature.  When it is cool, I rinsed the roving in room temperature water until the water ran clear.  Remember to handle the fiber gently so that is doesn't felt.
At this point, I remove the excess water by givng a spin in the washing machine.  Just set it on the last spin cycle.  Don't take through a whole wash.
Now I let it dry and voila.....
Here it is drying and this is what it looks like once I braided it....

And here it is spun.....
So what did I learn?  First, I would use fewer colors--maybe three-- and I would leave some white space in between the dyed areas.  This would let the dyes run into each other.  I also need to learn more about how to measure dye and how to control the intensity of the color.  This turned out darker than I have envisioned.  But all in all not too bad for a first attempt. 

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