Monday, March 12, 2012

Coming In Like A Lion......

March, that is.  Last week we had 25 inches of snow in three days.  Four days later temps were in the  50s and it mostly melted.  Three days after that....back in the teens.  I won't show you pictures of the snow because aren't we all just about done with that by now?  However, I do know one thing we are not tired of and that is pictures of cute corgis in the snow!
I can't help it.  The snow on the face kills me dead every time.  

I think you can tell by my latest bit of handspun what I've been dreaming of.......
Yep, just look at the beautiful sunny yellow.  If I can't have sunshine outside, well I will just make my own.  
To go with it, I am working on this:
Doesn't this look like I'm spinning up a bit of the ocean?  This is from hand dyed roving I ordered from an Etsy shop called Woogatherings.  Oh, she has the most beautiful fibers.  This is polwarth, which I've never spun before, and I have to tell you it is a dream to spin. I'm going to try to Navajo ply this.  I've been practicing.  We'll see.  There is a little more hand-eye coordination involved than regular plying and I'm most definitely in a learning curve.
So.......what's going on with all this yarn?  I really want to make this shawl by Carina Spencer:

It's called the Faraway-So Close shawl and I think it is just stunning.  Many people on Ravelry have made this with their bits and bobs of their handspun and it makes a beautiful sampler shawl.