Monday, January 2, 2012

Peace Out 2011

New year.....New blog.  I'm not sure why, seeing that I have a perfectly good blog that I already don't post on, but there you go.  Actually it's a very good indicator of my personality...good at starting; not so good at finishing. 
But it is a new year and I do feel the need to start this blogging thing all over.  For whatever reason, my last blog came to represent to me performance rather than a place where I could document things I was learning and a place to reflect about life a little bit.   And let's face it, during the last two years life was, in many respects not-so-good and I never felt that I could be honest about those type of things.

So here I sit, starting off the new year...warm in our little house on our little cove.....looking out at the snow. 
Both kitties are curled up next to me; Moses on the back of the chair and Jasperkitty vying for a spot on my lap....doing his best to push this pesky laptop off to the floor so he can claim his rightful place. 
Lucy is snoozing on the sofa.
The little corner of the rug you can see behind Lucy is my "Expect Good Things" rug.  (Pattern by Brenda Beerhorst) 
And while I don't want this blog to be about finishing things.....I did finish this rug and really hope that this year my life will be about expecting and cherishing the good in my life.

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