Friday, January 6, 2012

Dying to Dye

One of the things I love about rug hooking is dying my own wool.  So I guess it is not too much of a surprise that once I starting spinning that I would would be equally obsessed with dying yarn and roving.  I know....just what I need is another interest to pursue.  I don't know what to say...I seem to be powerless over my lack of focus.Anyway, I ordered this:
Oh wait....someone (Lucy) tore my brand new book apart (Lucy) because someone (Lucy) couldn't go for a ride in the car with us (Lucy).  So not to mention any names, but someone in this household now has to spend her alone time in the house confined to the front porch.
Okay, I ordered this book and this DVD...
 I just started watching the DVD and it looks like it will be a good resource.  What I find interesting so far is that she uses the metric system for measuring and that she weighs her dye rather that measuring things out with a spoon.  That way, because all dyes have different weights, you end up getting the same saturation of dye in your dye solutions.  Or I think that was the reasoning.  My mind tends to wander during any kind of technical type of talk.  So I ran out and bought a kitchen scale and will be trying the whole weighing thing soon.
I did try dying some roving using a combination of information from You Tube videos and my book.  And let me just say that yarn-and-roving-dying people are so much more laid back than rug hooking-wool- dying people. 
In rug hooking, everyone is using 20 different dye colors, Grey measuring spoons and worrying about actually how far do they dip the toothpick in the dye--and is it a wet or dry tooth pick?  And what about the minerals in the water and, you know, the humidity can affect your dying also.
Yarn dyers, on the other hand, just seem to use the colors that ProChem seemed fit to give them STRAIGHT FROM THE JAR.  They dump the dye in the pot and start dying yarn.
Pretty refreshing if you ask me.
Well, I could write more, but the one who really runs this household is telling me that I've spent my hour on the computer and that I should be spending my time time taking her for a walk.
And seriously....who could resit this?

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